Kraftware (krahft-wair) n | short for Kraft, meaning 'power' in German, and software
Kraftware is a professional services company that is 100% focused on Microsoft Business Applications. We partner with our clients to provide the best-in-class, tailored solutions that drive their success. We care about the impact we have on our client's business and success because it means our success. By delivering results that our clients rely on, we've determined the best way to describe what we do in 3 words: Power Better Business. Business is never dormant - it's only constant changes. Our clients Power Better Business by embracing change and implementing solutions that produce the following outcomes: · Realizing and implementing the full advantages of digital transformation; · Having meaningful connections to their customers in the form of communication they want; · Making better-informed decisions with data-driven insights and recommendations; · Increasing sales effectiveness and efficiency by giving time back to sales forces to do what they do best - closing deals. Our clients have reduced IT costs, increased productivity, improved collaboration, and solved complex business problems by working with us to understand their business' DNA. By spending time with business users, we're able to gain insight into their workflow to bridge the gap between current processes and specific goals. We provide our analysis and work with the management team to determine the best possible solution that produces the best possible results. Our solutions fit into your company and not the other way around. Power Better Business is not only our tagline but also our mission statement. To Power Better Business within our organization, we: · Provide personal integrity and respect; · Promote open communication; · Demonstrate excellence; · Set clear, understandable expectations and honor our commitments; · Innovate with forward-thinking; · Always do the right thing. Contact us today and begin your journey to Power Better Business and empower your workforce to grow your business.
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