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How Secure are You?
June 25, 2020,   Views (34)

Transform Endpoint Management and Security with Microsoft 365

Many businesses aren’t prepared when it comes to the security of their IT systems. Unfortunately, security breaches are all too common and can have devastating effects on a business.  

81% of all hacking-related breaches use compromised credentials -- 15% of phishing attack victims fall victim a second time -- 95% of phishing attacks that led to a breach were followed by some form of software installation -- 75% of individuals use only 3 or 4 passwords across all of their accounts

We can help! 

As a Microsoft partner, we can enhance your organization’s security with Microsoft 365. A complete, intelligent solution including Office 365, Windows 10and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. 

Innovative tools can help you protect business data, enhance threat protection, guard against accidental sharing of sensitive information, protect data in cloud applications, and improve compliance. Contact us to learn how we can help you enhance your security practices to protect you from attacks.

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