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Red Lion Hotels digitally transforms its business to create an integrated, growth-enabling workplace
July 9, 2020,   Views (46)

Driving digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create an integrated, growth-enabling workplace

Whether you’ve traveled for business or on vacation, chances are you’ve spent at least one night in a hotel operated by the Red Lion Hotel Corporation (RLH). As one of the largest hotel chains in the country, RLH has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but with that growth came disparate data sources feeding a mix of legacy platforms. 

To remedy this and capitalize on the insights hidden inside this data, RLH turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Leveraging the solution’s robust capabilities, RLH integrated its siloed legacy platforms into a single unified system to enable data-driven decision making. Today, RLH benefits from more accurate performance data analysis, a more efficient and productive workplace environment, and a revenue-increasing ecosystem that fosters integration and scalability.

Watch this engaging video to get the full story, then contact us to find out how we can help your organization achieve similar results.

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