Power Better Business by Hiring Great People, Faster
Transform your talent acquisition experience to find, engage, shortlist, and hire the right people while taking advantage of the cloud and integrative solutions. Unlike disparate HR systems that create data-silos, having centralized data will provide analytics that is necessary to make smarter decisions about your talent. Automatically screen and sort your candidates by skill, personality, and culture-fit assessments, helping your HR manager not only ensure candidates have the skills to do the job but will fit in and enhance the culture of your organization. Keep candidates engaged during the hiring process with a portal to communicate their application status, interview schedules, and assessments.
What About Your Business?
Are you struggling to find the right applicants to fill the desired rolls, leading to increased hiring costs? Do you have a complex application process that leaves candidates in the dark after applying, thereby impacting your brand? How does the lack of visibility into candidate profiles, skills, competencies, and culture impact your hiring process?


Transform talent acquisition
by connecting recruiters, managers, and interviewers to better collaborate and attract top talent
Hire the right people
with a streamlined interview process and get better insights into hiring pipelines – resulting in great hires in less time and at a fraction of the cost
Ignite employee success
across the talent journey to create a more responsive digital workplace that empowers employees to do their best work, drives productivity, increases job satisfaction, and reduces turnover and replacement costs
Steve Holden, Human Resources Manager at ECH Inc.
"It’s important that we show our employees that we care about them, too. We can follow their career path, encourage continuous learning, gain key insights into performance, and help make their work rewarding with Dynamics 365 for Talent."

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