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Data and AI, featuring Azure
Unexpected uses of Microsoft AI
April 1, 2020,   Views (75)

Customer story: With Microsoft AI, Comics go head to head at the Laugh Battle

If we ask you to picture AI in action, what comes to mind?  

We’ve heard it all! AI conjures up different images and ideas for different people. But we’re willing to bet you probably didn’t picture a Laugh Battle.

Watch as six comedians go head to head at the National Comedy Center trying to make each other laugh. The Laugh Battle Royale uses Microsoft AI to declare an unequivocal winner by using Face API’s emotion recognition to detect even the tiniest smirk or suppressed chuckle.

AI can transform and empower in some of the most unexpected ways. At Kraftware, we can help you explore what it can do for your business. Give us a call to learn more.

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